Wednesday, May 20, 2015

SALE $.99

Aura is on sale for $.99 for the ebook beginning Wednesday, May 20th through Monday, May 25. If you have any friends you enjoy reading urban fantasy, please let them know. It is also FREE for Kindle Unlimited members.


What if the greatest weapon in the age-old war between good and evil was inside of you? 
Crystal Scott has always felt different but tried hard to blend in. Now that she's scored the lead in the school play, has a boyfriend she adores, and a best friend she can't live without, she finally feels like she belongs. 

A few days before prom, a mysterious young man appears and suddenly she has to figure out how to use the weapon of Light she has inside her or mankind is doomed. 

Demons are determined to tip the war in their favor no matter what the cost and they're hot on Crystal's trail. With danger around every corner, she doesn't know if she can save herself, never mind anyone else. When things look darkest and there's nowhere to turn, Crystal must find the strength to use her newfound gifts against the tide of evil threatening all of them--or die trying.

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